Wedding Reception Prices

We believe in keeping things simple. You tellus the wedding you want and the budget you have and we do our best to give you a very special day. No worry about costs as you've already set your budget! Whatsmore using a wedding coordinator saves you time, money and stress. So you can rest easy in the knowlege that the venue and reception for your big day is in safe hands. 

Wedding Reception Prices

If you're unsure as to the benefits of a wedding coordinator have a consoltation.

Hire of Lakefield venue for one day                     £500
(book Lakefield & bring your own facilities, receive free camping and over night parking on site)

Hire of Lakefield venue for additional half day £250
(have breakfast with your guests before setting off)

We coordinator services
Let our proffesional wedding coordinator save you time, money and strees by guiding you effortlessly through the daunting task of planning and hosting the wedding breakfast & reception. Our wedding coordinator services are provided on a percentage of your overall budget.

   Budget                           Wedding coordinator charges

 up to £5,000                Consult with our coordinator on themes,
                                    styles & how a coordinator will save you
                                    money for £75

 £5 - £10K                     15%

 £11 - £20K                   10%

 £21K -£25K                    7%

 £26,000 +                      5%


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