Yurt Leasing

If you run a B&B or hotel with a garden, you can take advantage of the rapidly growing 'Glamping' market by leasing a yurt from us.

For approximately £1000 you can have a yurt earning you extra revenue.

Yurts are typically let for £80 -£90 a night or more.

Reasons hoteliers should consider adding a yurt:

A growing market & more customers

  • According to the Wall Street Journal "Glamping sites have a lot of economic advantages over traditional hotels".
  • Not only does a yurt lease allow you to cash in on a growing market, it opens your accommodation to a much wider market of customers.

Use all year round

  • Because of their three layers, yurts are cool in summer and warm in winter allowing you to offer them all year round.

Set yourself apart from the competition

  • Offering something different will help you stand out from other hoteliers.

No planning regulations

  • Yurts are classed as a tent and a temporary structure so they do not require planning.

Instant return

  • Yurts can be built in a day so you don't have to wait to see your yurt start earning it's keep.

We offer 5 meter yurts for a years lease, the same as we hire out on our glamping site. These are perfect to use as a spacious 2 berth suit or accommodate families of 4/5.

To lease a yurt we require a £1000 deposit. You can then start seeing your yurt make an income for you.

We only require 12 low monthly payments of two hundred and seventy-five pounds (less than 4 nights letting at £80 PN.) At the end of the 12 months you then have the option to buy your yurt out right for just one thousand pounds.

Construction is free of charge. A relevant fuel charge will be made for UK delivery. We can even supply a base if you wish.

Contact us using the form opposite and you could soon have an additional revenue stream for your business.

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